Company policy
The management of Büttner-Schmitz GmbH and its employees are committed to society to comply with all laws and regulations that apply to our company.

We continue to ensure the means to implement the following guiding principles:

  • The standard of quality is determined by the customer, so that compliance with customer requirements is the priority aim of every employee.
  • All employees have the duty and the right  to report and rectify negative influences that could impact on quality or delivery reliability. The management and employees are responsible for their actions.
  • Our supreme objective is the quest for perfection of our products, so that it is the customer who always comes back, and not our products. We achieve this by means of trained and qualified personnel.
  • Our quality is also reflected in delivery reliability, flexibility and fast and correct advice, which differentiates us significantly from our competitors.
  • We are committed to cooperating very closely with our suppliers or contractors, in order to ensure that their services and practices comply with our guiding principles. We are committed to promoting the awareness of our employees with regard to the subjects of work safety, health protection and environmental protection. This includes training and further training where necessary. The proactive cooperation of all employees for the purpose of continual improvement in all matters is one of our primary objectives.
  • We subject our business activities to regular risk analyses, in order to identify and eliminate potential sources of danger.
  • We make use of suitable technologies, processes and tools; this applies also to the necessary information and documentation.
  • We are committed to the careful use of natural resources such as air, water and soil, and other resources in the form of electricity, raw materials, tools, etc.
  • We are committed to the critical internal and external review of our management system in all respects.

The company management